The transformation of working life is here. Digitalization, artificial intelligence and robotics are entering the labour market causing some jobs to disappear while new kind of versatile ways of work emerge. Eezy offers services for the changing working life.

Eezy Group was born from the merger of former VMP Plc and Smile in 2019. VMP was a Finnish family company founded in 1988 in Turku and acquired by Sentica in September 2017. Smile on the other hand was a part of NoHo Partners Plc.

The company’s roots are in staffing business but during the recent years the company has expanded its service offering into other parts of working life such as recruiting, organizational development and self-employment services. The company aims to strengthen its position among the leading staffing companies in Finland with even more customer-oriented and flexible service and by bringing totally new innovations to the labour market.

Sentica supports Eezy in the working life turmoil and wants to help both employers and employees to thrive in the transforming working life. Eezy Plc was listed on Helsinki Stock Exchange’s First North Finland marketplace in June 2018 as VMP Plc. In July 2019 VMP announced that it will unite with another market leading HR services company Smile, which doubled the size of the company. In the transaction, Sentica became the second largest owner of the combined company, following Smile’s previous main owner Noho Partners. The Group changed its name to Eezy Group Plc in December 2019.

Sector: Staffing and HR services
Sales: 219 MEUR (2023)
CEO: Siina Saksi
Entry: 9/2017
Fund: Sentica Buyout V
Deal team: Mika Uotila