Sentica is an independent private equity company focusing on investing in and developing small and mid-sized companies with a Finnish origin.

We are dedicated to driving real change and success in the companies we invest in. We focus on identifying business opportunities in companies and in teaming up with people with whom we share passion and a strategic vision. We are a long-term responsible owner and a good partner to all stakeholders who we work with. Together we can reach the next level.

We are a team of 10 professionals with extensive experience in fields such as private equity, consulting, investment banking and various industrial sectors. Through our offices in Helsinki and Kuopio we are able to provide exceptional local expertise. Sentica is owned by its five partners and the company is a member of the Finnish Venture Capital Association.

To date, we have raised five funds with a total of EUR 500 million in capital commitments from leading Finnish institutional investors and high-quality European fund of funds. In 2020 Sentica’s portfolio companies employed over 7,000 professionals in total and their combined turnover exceeded 900 million euros.



Sentio and Teknia are merged to form Sentica.


Sentica sharpens strategy and focuses on growth financing and buyout investments. First buyout fund (Sentica Growth Fund II) is raised.


Sentica establishes a separate team focusing on healthcare investments and Healthcare fund is raised.


Sentica focuses on small and mid-sized buyout investments and divests its regional small cap fund management business to Canelco Capital, which is founded by its key employees. Second buyout fund (Sentica Buyout Fund III) is raised.


Third buyout fund (Sentica Buyout IV) is raised.


Fourth buyout fund (Sentica Buyout V) is raised.


Our investment strategy is based on proactively sourcing investment opportunities with sustainable value creation potential. We believe that better businesses are built by combining passion, people and resources.

We make controlling stake investments in Finnish companies operating in various industries with sales typically in a range of EUR 10-100 million.

From a business development point of view it is essential that the company has growth opportunities via, for example, internationalization, product/service offering expansion, new strategy or sector consolidation. We invest in profitable and cash flow positive companies. We do not make turn around investments. We seek to build and develop businesses together with the prior owners and have achieved such co-ownerships in a majority of our investments.