Increasingly, the parents of young children are busy with their employment duties and find it practical to trust child day-care professionals to provide care for their children in day-care centers. Nowadays, approximately two thirds of the Finnish children aged between one and six years participate in child day-care either in a municipal or privately-owned day-care center.

Private day-care centers, which operate alongside municipal day-care centers, have become more and more popular during recent years. Several municipalities have adopted a municipal service voucher system, which makes it easier for the private service providers to operate in the municipality. The adoption of the vouchers has also increased families’ freedom of choice, since, in the voucher system, the families themselves choose the day-care center in which their children are taken care of.

Verkanappulat has provided comprehensive day-care and pre-school services for children as from the turn of the millennium. The company’s day-care centers focus on providing high-quality care for the children; for instance, own centralized kitchens provide the day-care centers with organic food and own specialist teachers visit the day-care centers regularly. Backed by Sentica, new Verkanappulat day-care centers will be opened also going forward.

Sector: Child day-care
Sales: 22 MEUR (2022)
CEO: Sirkku Suominen
Entry: 12/2018
Fund: Sentica Buyout V
Deal team: Mika Uotila (case responsible) and Kai Vesikallio