Sentica Partners to boost Puuilo’s growth

Fund managed by private equity company Sentica Partners has acquired the majority of Puuilo Oy’s share capital. Puuilo’s previous owners will remain as significant minority shareholders and Markku Tuomaala continues as the company’s CEO. Sentica brings Puuilo even better resources to grow business and expand operations to new cities by establishing own stores or acquiring smaller companies.

Attachments: Puuilo press release 4.10.2011

Sentica Partners acquires a majority shareholding in the Kotipizza companies

Funds managed by Sentica Partners, a private equity firm, have acquired a majority of the share capital in the Kotipizza companies. The companies’ previous owner, Rabbe Grönblom, will remain a minority shareholder and intends to devote more of his time to developing the Omena Hotel business. As a result of this acquisition, Sentica will bring additional resources to the Kotipizza Group for business development and internationalisation.

Attachments: Kotipizza press release 2.9.2011

Citec expands operations in Germany

Citec Group Oy Ab, a portfolio company of Sentica Partners, has acquired the system engineering business of Imotion. The acquisition is a key part of Citec’s strategy to expand its business operations in a more rapid pace in Germany.

Attachments: Citec press release 23.8.2011

Sentica Partners sells Corbel Oy to Valedo Partners

A fund managed by the Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners has sold Corbel Oy to a fund managed by Valedo Partners. The operative management of Corbel Oy remains as minority shareholders in the company. Corbel has grown successfully by tens of percents and strengthened its overall market position during the ownership period of Sentica Partners.

Attachments: Corbel press release 27.7.2011

Sentica Partners sold its majority holding in Miratel to Ascom Holding AG

A fund managed by the Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners has sold its holding of about 60 per cent in Miratel Ltd to Ascom Holding AG. Miratel’s acting management also sold its Miratel holdings totalling about 40 per cent of all shares, and will continue at the company’s service after the transaction. Miratel has a very strong market position in Finland as provider of communication and personal security systems for hospitals and care facilities.

Attachments: Miratel press release 6.7.2011

Sentica acquires the majority of Citec

In a transaction lead by private equity company Sentica Partners, Citec Engineering Oy and Citec Information Oy will form a new group: the Citec Group. With a 67 per cent share, a fund managed by Sentica Partners will become the majority owner of the parent company of the group. The previous main owner of the two companies, Mr Rune Westergård, will own 20 per cent of the new group, and key persons within Citec will own the remaining 13 per cent. The established new group structure will allow for faster growth, streamlining of joint operations and some synergy benefits.

Attachments: Citec press release 1.6.2011

Sentica Partners acquires Suomen Telecenter as part of the same Group with MediaPex

In a corporate transaction managed by the private equity investor Sentica Partners, the company Suomen Telecenter Oy becomes part of the group that includes MediaPex Oy, acquired in March 2010. Together the companies constitute by far the largest independent telemarketing player in Finland and aim to further improve and expand their service offering. The fund managed by Sentica Partners will remain the majority holder in the group’s parent company.

Attachments: Suomen Telecenter press release 21.6.2011

Eero Leskinen to become Sentica Partners Investment Director

The investment team of private equity investor Sentica Partners will be strengthened when Eero Leskinen joins the company as a Partner and Investment Director in April 2011. Leskinen joins Sentica from his position as Managing Director of Isku-Yhtymä Oy.

Attachments: Eero Leskinen press release 14.3.2011

Puro Psychiatric Nursing Home and Pihakoivu Child Welfare Unit to cooperate

Puro Psychiatric Nursing Home for Adolescents (later “Puro”) and Pihakoivu Child Welfare Unit (later “Pihakoivu”) have founded a joint parent company (Arjessa Oy) and have initiated close cooperation. In the same context, a fund managed by Sentica Partners has become an owner of Arjessa Oy, in addition to entrepreneurs. Puro and Pihakoivu will continue to operate as before. The ownership arrangement will provide both companies with additional resources to build and open new units.

Attachments: Arjessa press release 30.11.2010

Sentica Partners merges AtBusiness and the technology project unit of Trainers’ House Plc

The private equity investor Sentica Partners is to merge AtBusiness Oy and the technology project unit of Trainers’ House Plc. A buyout fund managed by Sentica will own 60.1 per cent and Trainers’ House 19.9 per cent of the new company, which will continue operation under the AtBusiness name. The remaining 20 per cent of the company’s capital stock will be held by its key personnel. The new AtBusiness will seek rapid growth through diversified services enabling its customers to enhance both internal and external business processes. The company’s IT solutions are mainly based on Microsoft and Java technologies.

Attachments: AtBusiness press release 5.8.2010

Sentica Partners gains majority shareholding in MediaPex

Funds managed by private equity investor Sentica Partners have become majority owners of MediaPex Oy via a transaction executed on 2 March 2010. The company’s former owners Peter and Anja Nyberg will continue as key minority shareholders. At the same time, Tom Sandman and Keijo Kinnula from the company’s current management will also become shareholders. MediaPex is Finland’s largest telemarketing company, employing experts in the sector in 26 locations around Finland. The aim of the transaction is to enable the company to focus on growth and further developing its services.

Attachments: MediaPex press release 3.3.2010

Sentica invests in Finnish health care service provider Pihlajalinna

Private equity investor Sentica Partners has acquired the majority of the shares in Finnish health care services provider Pihlajalinna Oy. The transaction creates a strong private health care service provider with sufficient resources to win major outsourcing projects and grow through acquisitions.

Attachments: Pihlajalinna press release 17.12.2009

Sentica Partners holds EUR 113 million closing on its new buyout fund

Private equity investor Sentica Partners has completed a EUR 113 million closing on its new Finnish lower‐mid‐market‐focused buyout fund, exceeding its original target of EUR 100 million. The Sentica Buyout III fund has received commitments from new investors in Finland and abroad.

Attachments: Sentica Buyout press release 19.8.2009

Sentica’s new buyout fund raises EUR 50 million

Private equity investor Sentica Partners has completed a EUR 50 million first closing on its new Finnish lower‐mid‐market focused buyout fund. All of the commitments to the Sentica Buyout III fund came from existing investors with the largest commitments being from the leading Finnish institutional investors Finnish Industry Investment Ltd, Ilmarinen Pension Insurance Company and Etera Mutual Pension Insurance Company. At this stage the new fund raises the amount of assets under Sentica’s management to EUR 210 million.

Attachments: Sentica Buyout press release 26.11.2008

Sentica Partners acquires medical transport business unit from Nurminen Logistics

A fund managed by the Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners is acquiring Helsingin Ensihoito ja Sairaankuljetus Oy (HES) from Nurminen Logistics Plc, listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki. Key individuals from the company and from Finnish Industry Investment Ltd will become minor shareholders in the company. The change in ownership will enable the company to expand its operations and strengthen its position as the leading medical transport company in Finland. The structural change process in the first‐aid and medical transport sector offers promising future opportunities for bigger players. The sale price of the share capital of HES is EUR 7.8 million.

Attachments: HES press release 10.10.2008

Sentica Partners merges DWT Engineering’s and Cavia’s business operations

A fund managed by the Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners has acquired the entire capital stock of DWT Engineering from Markku Sihvonen and Timo Kivimäki. DWT Engineering specialises in sludge treatment and during its history of over 20 years has achieved a strong position in international markets. Sentica’s family member Cavia has developed an effective method based on high frequency cavitation technology for accelerating the digestion of sludge. Combining DWT’s and Cavia’s expertise will reduce the environmental impacts of wastewater treatment plants and enhance efficiency in the production of bioenergy.

Attachments: DWT press release 1.10.2008

Private equity investor Sentica Partners acquires majority in Miratel

A fund managed by Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners is acquiring 52 per cent of Miratel Oy from three private investors. The operating management of Miratel remain as shareholders with a 48‐per‐cent share in the company. The nurse‐call system provider Miratel is a front runner in IP based nurse‐call systems and has a strong market position in the public‐healthcare sector in Finland. With increased resources and Sentica´s support the company is aiming at a stronger service offering and faster international growth.

Attachments: Miratel press release 4.8.2008

Sentica Partners acquires Arme

Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners is acquiring Arme Oy from Panostaja Oyj, a public limited company focusing on investment activities, for an enterprise value of EUR 25.5 million. The CEO of Arme, Mr Jukka Pyykönen, remains as a shareholder with a 20‐per‐cent share in the company. Arme, which specialises in industrial insulation and scaffolding services, is aiming at rapid, organic growth by expanding the service offering as well as through acquisitions.

Attachments: Arme press release 3.7.2008

Sentica Partners sells Openbit to Tanla

Funds managed by the Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd, Forssan Seudun Puhelin Oy and Innofinance Oy are selling their majority shareholding in Openbit Oy to Tanla Solutions Ltd. Openbit has grown strongly during the past few years and has become the leading provider of device payments for mobile applications. The transaction generates good returns for Finnish investors and provides Openbit with larger resources and distribution channels while operating as part of a telecommunications software and service provider with global operations.

Attachments: Openbit press release 5.6.2008

Sentica Partners purchase YIT´s investment, lease management and financial administration services

A fund managed by Sentica Partners Oy acquires the investment, lease management and financial administration services of YIT Building Systems. As a result of the purchase, the largest independent operator in the field in Finland will be created. The new enterprise, Corbel Oy, will operate nation‐wide offering specialist services in property management to investors, users and tenants. The aim of the company is to offer real estate investors the best possible profit for investments and safeguard the properties from interrupted use. As the responsible market leader, the new company will also continually develop its operations with the aid of its cultivated knowledge in real estate. The purchase price will not be released.

Attachments: Corbel press release 21.5.2008

Sentica Partners acquires majority of EMS company

The Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners has acquired 60 percent of Oy Darekon Ltd. The previous owners of the company, Mr. Kai Orpo and Mr. Henri Orpo, remain as minority shareholders through their company Dinos Investment Oy. The focus customer sectors of Darekon are medical and industrial electronics, where outsourcing is still increasing. The transaction is aiming at expanding and developing Darekon´s operations through both organic growth and acquisitions. The goal of the company is to become the leading contract manufacturer of medical electronics in the Nordic region.

Attachments: Darekon press release 11.2.2008

Cybercom and Plenware to join forces

Cybercom is acquiring Plenware, an IT consultancy with 550 employees and operations in Finland, Estonia, Romania, and China. Together, the companies (1) form a new, leading Nordic consultancy specialised in telecom, Internet, media (TIM) and industry, (2) strengthen both organisations, and (3) enhance and broaden service offerings to their customers.

Attachments: Plenware press release 21.12.2007

Sentica Partners sells Elematic Group to Pamplona Capital Management

Finnish investors led by private equity investor Sentica Partners sell Elematic Group Oy to a private equity fund managed by Pamplona Capital Management LLP. Sentica and other investors acquired Elematic from Consolis in August 2006, whereafter the company has been able to increase the revenues by tens of percents up to almost 100 MEUR – organically and through acquisitions – and double the EBIT.

Attachments: Elematic press release 17.9.2007