Descom takes a giant leap of growth by buying Konehuone

A new large operator is being born in the Finnish IT field, as eBusiness solution provider Descom merges with server and data storage solution provider Konehuone. The two companies join forces to provide customers with a service experience that covers all of their eBusiness needs.

Attachments: Descom press release 29.9.2011

Sentica acquires Treston

A fund managed by the private equity company Sentica Partners has acquired a majority of Treston Oy, a provider of furniture solutions for industrial and other technological environments. Over the next five years, the owners aim to build up the Group’s net sales to over EUR 100 million through organic growth and add‐on acquisitions.

Attachments: Treston press release 29.11.2011

Pienkoti Aura becomes part of Arjessa Group

Pienkoti Aura, operating in the Jyväskylä region has joined the Arjessa Group. Arjessa Group now consists of 19 child welfare units in Ostrobothnia and Jyväskylä region. Arjessa group consists of Puro Psychiatric Nursing Home for Adolescents as well as child welfare units Pihakoivu, Leppälintu, Nuorisokoti Valokki and Pienkoti Aura.

Attachments: Arjessa press release 4.11.2011

Sentica Partners to boost Puuilo’s growth

Fund managed by private equity company Sentica Partners has acquired the majority of Puuilo Oy’s share capital. Puuilo’s previous owners will remain as significant minority shareholders and Markku Tuomaala continues as the company’s CEO. Sentica brings Puuilo even better resources to grow business and expand operations to new cities by establishing own stores or acquiring smaller companies.

Attachments: Puuilo press release 4.10.2011

Sentica Partners acquires a majority shareholding in the Kotipizza companies

Funds managed by Sentica Partners, a private equity firm, have acquired a majority of the share capital in the Kotipizza companies. The companies’ previous owner, Rabbe Grönblom, will remain a minority shareholder and intends to devote more of his time to developing the Omena Hotel business. As a result of this acquisition, Sentica will bring additional resources to the Kotipizza Group for business development and internationalisation.

Attachments: Kotipizza press release 2.9.2011

Citec expands operations in Germany

Citec Group Oy Ab, a portfolio company of Sentica Partners, has acquired the system engineering business of Imotion. The acquisition is a key part of Citec’s strategy to expand its business operations in a more rapid pace in Germany.

Attachments: Citec press release 23.8.2011

Sentica Partners sells Corbel Oy to Valedo Partners

A fund managed by the Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners has sold Corbel Oy to a fund managed by Valedo Partners. The operative management of Corbel Oy remains as minority shareholders in the company. Corbel has grown successfully by tens of percents and strengthened its overall market position during the ownership period of Sentica Partners.

Attachments: Corbel press release 27.7.2011

Sentica Partners sold its majority holding in Miratel to Ascom Holding AG

A fund managed by the Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners has sold its holding of about 60 per cent in Miratel Ltd to Ascom Holding AG. Miratel’s acting management also sold its Miratel holdings totalling about 40 per cent of all shares, and will continue at the company’s service after the transaction. Miratel has a very strong market position in Finland as provider of communication and personal security systems for hospitals and care facilities.

Attachments: Miratel press release 6.7.2011

Sentica acquires the majority of Citec

In a transaction lead by private equity company Sentica Partners, Citec Engineering Oy and Citec Information Oy will form a new group: the Citec Group. With a 67 per cent share, a fund managed by Sentica Partners will become the majority owner of the parent company of the group. The previous main owner of the two companies, Mr Rune Westergård, will own 20 per cent of the new group, and key persons within Citec will own the remaining 13 per cent. The established new group structure will allow for faster growth, streamlining of joint operations and some synergy benefits.

Attachments: Citec press release 1.6.2011

Sentica Partners acquires Suomen Telecenter as part of the same Group with MediaPex

In a corporate transaction managed by the private equity investor Sentica Partners, the company Suomen Telecenter Oy becomes part of the group that includes MediaPex Oy, acquired in March 2010. Together the companies constitute by far the largest independent telemarketing player in Finland and aim to further improve and expand their service offering. The fund managed by Sentica Partners will remain the majority holder in the group’s parent company.

Attachments: Suomen Telecenter press release 21.6.2011

Eero Leskinen to become Sentica Partners Investment Director

The investment team of private equity investor Sentica Partners will be strengthened when Eero Leskinen joins the company as a Partner and Investment Director in April 2011. Leskinen joins Sentica from his position as Managing Director of Isku-Yhtymä Oy.

Attachments: Eero Leskinen press release 14.3.2011