Helicopter pilots’ simulator training decreases significantly the amount of accidents, of which 80% are caused by pilots’ mistakes.

Coptersafety offers simulator training for professional helicopter pilots. Customers include the world’s leading helicopter operators and public authorities, which offer services for the oil & gas sector, search & rescue missions as well as helicopter emergency medical operations. Coptersafety’s customers come to train to Finland from Europe, Africa, Asia as well as North and South America.

Sentica’s coming along enabled the largest ever investment in the helicopter training industry: In July 2016 the Company announced the construction of a 3,000m2 large training center and an order of five new simulators. The new training center has opened for training and there are three simulators at the moment. After the investment, Coptersafety will have the most versatile simulator offering and the company will stregthen its position as the only independent operator in the industry. Coptersafety aims to be the pioneer of helicopter pilot training, which offers the best customer service experience and has the broadest service concept.

Sector: Training services for helicopter pilots
Sales: (2020): €7 million
CEO: Erkka Suvikumpu
Entry: 11/2015
Fund: Sentica Buyout IV
Deal team: Mika Uotila (case responsible), Antti Keränen and Marjatta Rytömaa