A cozy and stylish home is created by investing in good furniture and décor. As buying gradually flows further towards online, also the customers of furniture stores expect a stronger omnichannel experience from retailers. As the variety of choices available for consumers expands, heightened importance is placed on a store’s product selection, sales channels, supply chain and communication.

Veke has been among the first players pioneering e-commerce of furniture and décor items, and the company has grown to be one of the largest Finnish home decoration retailers focusing on the online segment. The growth has been enabled especially by Veke’s strengths in digital commerce and omnichannel customer experience. The company’s operations are guided by positive life values.

With Sentica as main owner, Veke will continue to strengthen its position, emphasizing customer experience, brand awareness, own products, digital commerce as well as the development of the company’s store concept and network. Veke will continue to be the familiar and reachable store for home decorators in all times of life.

Sector: Furniture and décor retail
Sales: 31 MEUR (2022)
CEO: Markus Ranua
Entry: 3/2022
Fund: Sentica Buyout V
Deal team: Johan Wentzel (case responsible), Timo Sarkki and Tommi Silvast