Population growth and urbanization place increasingly higher demands for developing the infrastructures of communities and the connections between them. Additionally, maintenance of existing structures requires continuous efforts in the renovation of properties, networks and traffic routes. As community structures are becoming denser, there is a growing need for specialized infrastructure construction expertise.

TerraWise is an experienced and trusted partner for various types of infrastructure construction projects. The company focuses on delivering demanding projects related to environmental construction and specialized quarrying, offering a complete set of services in each area. TerraWise’s key value proposition is based on expertise, high-quality results and commitment to agreed schedules.

Sentica’s ownership creates the opportunity to bring together companies that are best-in-class in their respective focus areas. TerraWise’s clients will benefit from this through a versatile service offering and an even better customer experience.

Sector: Infrastructure construction
Sales: 59 MEUR (2022)
CEO: Tuomas Saarinen
Web: www.terrawise.fi
Entry: 12/2015
Fund: Sentica Buyout IV
Deal team: Pentti Tuunala (case responsible) and Timo Sarkki